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Commissions closed at the moment! That includes requests. So NO commissions or requests! Sorry!


I figured I may as well do a little status report since I haven't posted much of anything in a long time. Basically, my computer has been acting funny since December. When I turn it off, the display shuts off but the fans and everything inside keep on spinning and working. The only way to make it all stop is to hold down the power button or unplug the computer. I've heard turning it off that way can lead to some sort of damage, so in general I've been trying to avoid using my computer until it's fixed and I no longer have to shut it off that way. 

A lot of people suggested replacing the power supply, which I did, but sadly that didn't work. I've tried using my laptop for renders but it sometimes overheats during the night while using Reality so I don't want to overwork it (even with a fan) plus the renders take twice as long. So yeah. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? I'm probably just going to get a new computer or send it in for repairs during summer vacation. My hallmate suggests its a motherboard issue, whatever that means. :D


For Confused Random Passerbyers


-If you don't understand the gallery content, don't lash out at me. Either politely ask me any questions/confusions that you have and I'll answer your questions. Or just pretend you never saw this page and leave without a word. If you cannot do that, you definitely won't get a response if you're mean. :(


Every now and then I get a few confused people who accidentally stumble on in this gallery and go like "Uhh...I don't get it." or "Wait wtf?" And I end up having to explain. Easy enough. But someone being angry instead of confused is just odd. Every time I encounter something that seemingly makes no sense, I get out there on Google and try and figure it out. Usually only takes 5 minutes. I'm getting off track.

I suppose all I'm trying to say is that if you don't understand the weirdness that is Macrophilia (fascination with giants and/or giantesses), either simply politely ask for an explanation, and if you cannot muster the strength to be polite please just do yourself a favor and walk away and forget that you ever were here. I'd be happy to answer any curious questions though! Explaining is fun! Although of course it's going to be an explanation from my perspective. Everyone has their own experiences and reasons and kinks and preferences.

Lastly, keep in mind this isn't my main/only account. Its an account where I dump everything that involves giantesses. I don't want my normal watchers to have to sift through things they are not interested in or may find offensive. I like to keep everything as separate as possible. It probably looks like this is the only subject matter that I deal with at first glance, as if it were my one and only obsession. But in reality I'm just like any average Deviant who is striving to become a better artist when I'm not BoomGTS/BoomGT. :)
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angelgts Mar 26, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for dropping by and the watch! :D (Big Grin) 

Nice 3D work you have here. Shall be keeping tabs on you Wink/Razz 
You're welcome!

Thanks for the compliment! 
And thatns for the faves!
Nooo problemo! :D
GTSReviewer Dec 21, 2013  Student Writer
An 11 hr wait x.x?

PS: hai!
Hi. It's for Queeny. I have to wait for my partner to post the story then I will actually upload the images that go with it. But we don't have schedules that match so I uploaded some placeholders so he can just link all of pictures in his story description.
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