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Some random facts about the character Evera from "Everything and Nothing!"

1. The Original Story
The original story was actually quite different. The only remaining image of it is this: Extra-big-terrestrial. So the original plot was that Evera was part of a giga-sized alien species that used planets as houses. The oceans were the equivalent to pools and baths, and they'd just lay across grassy continents to sleep. She was supposed to meet with another alien who served as a real estate agent who tried to sell her on buying Earth. Eventually she purchases the planet and then the whole thing ends up being a unaware comic. I was seriously going to do this version for a long time, thinking up scripts and even preparing the first few scenes. The image I posted above was supposed to be Evera touring the planet before buying it. However one day I suddenly... just changed my mind about this story. I guess I grew bored with the idea and went with something else. There wasn't really an end to this kind of story so it was a bit aimless I suppose. Either way, it almost happened!

2. The Suit's Color
Evera's suit was originally going to be the color black or dark blue! However upon making her first render Evera and Earth, I realized it's actually a little too hard to see on a space-background, so I changed it to light blue! But then I realized she looked too much like Zero Suit Samus! So in the end I settled on grey/silver. I wanted her skin/clothing to be mono-color so she seemed kind of otherwordly like a ghost. However this led to people thinking she was a robot though, but I'm in too deep to change it now!

3. The Design Inspiration

So I actually created Evera's model sometime after Bayonetta was announced for Smash. Evera's legginess and glasses are a clear inspiration from that character. Also, the aliens from the old giantess Legacy Universe were an inspiration as well with the pointed ears. Originally I was considering making her blue/purple like those girls, but that just made her look TOO much like one. Especially with the white hair. I had considered antennae and fully-black-eyes for Evera, but I didn't want to make her look so inhuman that the general audience would feel like she looked too alien to appreciate.

4. Her Powers' Inspiration
Around the time I thought Evera up, I read about the "Grey-Goo-Scenario." It's a (very unlikely) doomsday scenario about how if a scientist ever created a nano-machine that was programmed to disassemble matter and build exact copies of itself out of it. Here's a simple explanation. I don't think this was intentional, but Evera ended up being very similar to the Grey Goo Scenario. Absorbing energy, and exponentially growing larger, making it easier to absorb more energy to grow even bigger, is KIND of similar to the ever-growing nanomachine swarm that would slowly envelop the Earth from the GGS. And she's even grey too!

That's all I got for now! See you next time!


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Azure night doodle fanart by Feyzerlight-pole-dancing by TriffRaff

3D Renders:
Super Janine by UnseenHarbingerJanine and Amber Test 01 final by UnseenHarbinger
To Jail! 05 by UnseenHarbinger
Data Archive: Log B17Chief Quantum Engineer Evera Log B17-1
Success! The Anaari Council has finally granted my request for an increased quota from the energy reserves. They’ve doubted my abilities for too long. The Wormhole Generator CAN be stable, it simply needs enough energy for the portal to remain open long enough to be useful. Tomorrow I’ll be able to tap directly into the energy banks for the entire city, that should allow the wormhole to remain stable long enough for me to attempt using it myself. I’ll have to make sure my suit has been calibrated to my own energy harmonics, or things could get messy. This could be the solution I’ve been looking for. I’ll update this log following the first test.
Chief Quantum Engineer Evera Log B17-2
Today, I’ve made history. I knew I was right. The increased energy input from the city’s banks allowed the Generator to draw enough energy to remain stable. The Corvana-Lespin portal remained stable and large enough for me to

Lady Lorelle by notETZ

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