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Okay so a few bits of news!

My Mega Micro Life

Okay so as you can see I started a new little comic series called My Mega Micro Life and I've got a lot of ideas that I want to get out so you're going to see a lot of that if all goes according to plan. I really wanted to start up a modern silly/lighthearted series like City of Supers again. Those series always do really well and they're lots of fun to make and it's fun to think up dumb jokes for them. I learned a lot from my past work and I really just wanted to see if I could make another fun set of characters by learning from some of my past mistakes and missteps. (I'm trying to avoid flooding panels with walls of text like I did in City of Supers for example.)

Anyways I have a cast of 5 characters planned and I have the first two or three series of comics planned out, but if you have any things you'd want to see explored in this three-size society then lemme hear it!

Everything and Nothing

I have not given up on Evera (I get notes asking about that), I just like to take breaks between pages so I don't get too tired of her comic. Her comic required a lot of post-work in Photoshop and it's going to require creative tricks/techniques to make her really seem like the planet-sized behemoth she will become in the future, so that series does take a lot out of me. So yeah... expect a few months between each entry. It's not a very long comic. It's only supposed to be 7 to 8 (max) pages long. We're on page 4 so it's halfway done most likely.

City of Supers (and Teacher's Pet)

And finally I think I should probably officially announce that City of Supers is most likely done. Probably. (I never say never!) It uses a lot of old props/assets that require an annoying amount of editing to work in a new render engine like iRay so I've had a hard time convincing myself to go back to it. I'm okay with putting it to rest. For a long time it was my signature thing I was known for. I received so much fanart for it as well and so many people would always comment and tell me how much they loved their favorite character from it. And as much as I look back on it fondly, I think it's probably best to move on.

It was actually never supposed to be more than that short mini-series where Amber chases that tiny gal. I was just obsessed with Giganta at the time and wanted to make a series based on her, and then suddenly it turned into a comic starring  characters with their own personalities and personal lives etc. I feel like it's also a good idea to start laying the series to rest since the main character closely resembles a real copyrighted character a bit too much. I always felt like that made the comic feel less like my own idea. Especially when people would comment "That looks like Boomgts' Amber!" on Giganta fan art... -_-'Heh...

Anyways yeah. If I ever get an idea to wrap it all up, maybe then I'd go back to it. It's just a bit too much effort for the little time I have now a days to update all of the characters with modern assets.

EDIT: And same for Teacher's Pet. It's comprised of old assets that I don't feel are worth the time/money to port to newer figures. I made it at an awkward time right before I moved onto Genesis figures so I guess it had it's life cut short before it got started.


Also if you can and or want to, drop a buck or two off at my Patreon! >>Patreon Tip Jar Link<<
I've been doing GTS stuff for a long time now and I feel that it would be wrong to restrict any of it from my long-time fans who have been following me for free all of these years, so any donations or support would be greatly appreciated! And of course, thank you to the people currently supporting me. It means a lot to me to see I have a couple of helpers at the early stages of my Patreon page! :)

Anyways that's all. See ya!


Commissions & Requests are CLOSED


Azure night doodle fanart by Feyzerlight-pole-dancing by TriffRaff

3D Renders:
Super Janine by UnseenHarbingerJanine and Amber Test 01 final by UnseenHarbinger
To Jail! 05 by UnseenHarbinger
Data Archive: Log B17Chief Quantum Engineer Evera Log B17-1
Success! The Anaari Council has finally granted my request for an increased quota from the energy reserves. They’ve doubted my abilities for too long. The Wormhole Generator CAN be stable, it simply needs enough energy for the portal to remain open long enough to be useful. Tomorrow I’ll be able to tap directly into the energy banks for the entire city, that should allow the wormhole to remain stable long enough for me to attempt using it myself. I’ll have to make sure my suit has been calibrated to my own energy harmonics, or things could get messy. This could be the solution I’ve been looking for. I’ll update this log following the first test.
Chief Quantum Engineer Evera Log B17-2
Today, I’ve made history. I knew I was right. The increased energy input from the city’s banks allowed the Generator to draw enough energy to remain stable. The Corvana-Lespin portal remained stable and large enough for me to

Lady Lorelle by notETZ

:iconpatreon-plz:>>Patreon Tip Jar Link<<:iconpatreon-plz:


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chrlorez Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the favorite! It's really cool that you liked my work! :D
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Anytime! You've been following me for a while so I figured I'd check out ur stuff!
chrlorez Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Also, thanks for the subsequent watch!! That's so awesome! :D
chrlorez Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Wow, thanks! I hope more stuff I make resonates with you!
a0040pc Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017
Have you stopped City Of Supers now?
BoomGTS Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017
I had one in the works but... never got around to finishing it. I hope I'm not done with that series. I mainly stopped because I upgraded to newer technology and those characters are all made from 10 year old props and clothing.
Throku Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Don't let that stop you, they cold do a fashion haul 😉
BoomGTS Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
I mean their faces/skin wouldn't look remotely similar unless I fork over over 100 bucks worth of products to convert them to modern genesis models.
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a0040pc Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017
Ok. Hope to see it back soon
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